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Humorous. Grateful. Possibly a little crazy.

Sarcastic. Loveable. Fun.

Christian Mama. Passionate about helping others.

I’m Jenn, but folks also know me as that crazy gal who is Mom of 18 kids! Yep, that’s me! The road to becoming Mom of 18 is full of interesting twists and turns that led to the outrageously huge, blended family I am so proud to have.

Just so we’re clear -- I don't consider myself a parenting expert, however, I am a mama who loves all aspects of my family life, and embrace the lessons I've been taught.  Some of what I've learned has been “on the job training”, and some has been formal. I've learned a thing or two about conquering stress and embracing joy and gratitude amid life's chaos. I use time-management and viewing the world through a lens of silver linings to reduce your stress and conflict.

Parenting these 18 humans is a huge part of how and why I built my coaching business. 28+ years of experience parenting honed what was working, science provided insight to why, and formal training got me the qualifications to confidently help others.

I am a licensed Practitioner in TimeLine Therapy®, NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching. Through some of my targeted training on topics such as crisis intervention, drug & alcohol addiction, surviving trauma, and suicide prevention, I have been equipped with a solid understanding of how to serve my clients.

I hold my clients accountable by providing sure-fire, action steps that will create a path towards the successful integration of their purpose, passion, and drive. I consider myself to be a life-long learner. I will never stop growing, and this is evident by my consistent pursuit of knowledge on topics that affect the population with whom I serve. 

Two of my favorite words are FREEDOM and STORYTELLING. Both words are woven into everything I do.


I believe in connection, collaboration, and deep storytelling.

We each have a unique story and that enables us to learn from one another and grow together.

I am passionate about communicating to women everywhere that their struggles are shared, understood, and recognized.

I am focused on a mission to empower women to develop daily habits of sincere gratitude.

I believe in being seen, heard, and valued as our true authentic selves.

I believe in your voice, your superpowers, your purpose, passion, and drive and I want to help you uncover it all.

It is my goal to bring more gratitude and joy to those I come in contact with. To make a significant difference in the lives of others through adventure, fun, laughter, and inspiration.

I am dedicated to providing fast, easy, daily habits to improve life and designed to produce big results.

When you work with me, you can expect friendly banter, familiarity, and lots of fun.

You can also expect honesty, integrity, care, and kindness - at all times.

Once upon a time, you had visions for what your life would be like.

You were excited about the fact that you were created with enormous talent, wisdom, and intellect.

Perhaps you made brave attempts to use your gifts and now you feel like you have failed over and over again.

Maybe you aren't even sure what you want anymore.

You are dying to break free and let the authentic, too-much-to-handle you shine through.

Let's get started!


Whether I'm interviewing someone on my podcast, or talking with you during a coaching call, my intent is to get to the heart of what matters. To discuss what's underneath - what you haven't thought about in years. Those tidbits that really make a difference in your life. And then dive deep. I want to take you places no one else has and really make you think and feel. 

Thank you to Dr. Robb Kelly - a man I admire - for speaking about how I did that with him during his podcast interview. 

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