Matt 5:16

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven"


Are you a Christian woman who feels at a loss about your purpose and direction in life? Are you struggling with the balance between work, relationships, purpose, and your God-given gifts? Do you feel that - although you chose your life - you didn’t think it would be like this?

Do you want to develop more self-confidence, courage, and self-esteem and are ready to tackle areas of life that are causing stress, overwhelm, feelings of judgment, or you want a stronger connection to your faith? 

Perhaps you have lost a sense of yourself - lost in serving other important purposes (work, kids, husband), and now you may feel stuck, numb, or uncertain of what to do although you know it’s time for a change.


… maybe earlier today - you daydreamed about what your life would be like. 

Perhaps you made brave attempts to use your God-given gifts and now you feel like you have gotten it wrong over and over again.

Life continues to change leaving you questioning what you really want anymore.

Your beautiful, authentic talent-rich soul aches to break free and shine, but perhaps you are skeptical or afraid to let her out in fear you may fail.

You crave connection, collaboration, and a group of friends that understands you.

When I signed up with Jenn I had no idea that it was possible to be joyful. I couldn't see the joy in my life even though I knew it was there. Jenn helped me not only identify the joy, but see how much I had to be grateful for. Each day starts differently because of Jenn and her coaching. I highly recommend her if you are ready to turn the switch from negative to positive. 

Corrine Casanova, co-owner, Daily House


You woke up one day - maybe many days on repeat - wondering if this is all there is? Is this the life you were meant for - and hoping the answer was no. You feel like you’ve checked all of life’s boxes, and somewhere along the way, you lost yourself in the process. You miss the old you and you want to get her back. You may feel guilty - you love so much about your life, you wouldn’t change it. You just want to insert more of who you are into your life, and you’re not sure what that means anymore. You want to enjoy the life you chose and use your God-given gifts. Why does that feel so hard?


Crossroads is a change of direction or a decision. It means you’re at a stage in your life when it is necessary to choose a course of action that will affect your future in significant, positive, and irrevocable ways.

Crossroads Coaching is designed for Christian women who at the core believe that they have been made for more, have that small mustard seed of faith, and are ready to get to work. It is an embracing, empowering community, meeting you where you’re at, and supporting you confidently stepping into the amazing person God meant you to be!


Crossroads is for women who no longer want to feel STUCK, who know deep down they could be squeezing so much more out of life.

You’ll identify self-sabotaging patterns (we all have them!), and learn ways to create deeper connections.

You’ll learn to commit to gratitude practice that actually sticks – and why it really matters to you – and why self-care goes so SO MUCH deeper than an annual pedicure.

If you are looking to build...

  • Better relationships
  • Career fulfillment
  • Better health
  • Clarity about your purpose
  • More intimacy
  • Better time management

I am so excited for you because you are in the right place!

“Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” HOWARD THURMAN

It is time to break the chains of the lies YOU tell yourself and the negative self-talk that has been holding you back. NOW is the time to start exploring the hidden potential of your confidence and beauty both inside and out! 

Two of my favorite words are FREEDOM and STORYTELLING, and both words are woven into everything I do.

I hold my clients accountable by providing sure-fire, action steps that will create a path towards the successful integration of their purpose, passion, and drive. 

I believe strongly in being urgent with actions and patient with results as well as meeting my clients where they’re at. 

I am licensed as a Transformational Coach and Practitioner through the ABNLP. I've also had targeted training on topics such as crisis intervention, drug & alcohol addiction, surviving trauma, and suicide prevention, which has equipped me with a solid understanding of how to serve my clients. This training served me personally, as well as with my family, and now is a wonderful opportunity to share it with others through my coaching. 

Life-learning is my passion. It fuels my heart and soul. Stopping is not an option, which is evident by my consistent pursuit of knowledge on topics that affect the women I serve. 


Crossroads Coaching is a 12-week course. There will be guest speakers and an exclusive membership site to access extra resources which will grow over time.

Coaching highlights: 

  • There will be two 1-hour weekly group calls and three 1:1 calls (one per month)via Zoom. 
  • Our conversations will occur in a Private Facebook group. One of my goals is that by creating a community of like-minded, supportive people, you will be able to connect and support each other as well as having the coaching program.
  • You will also have access to the exclusive Membership page (in addition to the free podcast Membership page). 
  • Email and Direct Messaging via FB Messenger support is offered as you need it.


One-time payment: $3000


3 Monthly Installments of $1100



Years ago, I felt on top of the world. I was crushing life as a stay-at-home Mom, I was a licensed foster parent, homeschooling my kids, volunteering, part of an amazing support system, and involved in the church I was part of. It never bothered me that I stopped going to college and didn’t complete my degree - to support my husband's business and work with him. Until things changed and I found myself at a crossroads. 

This particular crossroads meant that I lost twins at 19-weeks and had 3 surgeries - a D&C, then a hysterectomy, then a life-saving surgery due to internal bleeding. I was dead on the table, so I’m told and received 5 blood transfusions - 3 of which were my own blood that had been suctioned out of my abdomen. 

A few months later, the family was moving to a place where I didn’t know anyone, my husband went to prison, I filed for divorce, my credit was absolutely destroyed, I went from staying at home with the kids for over a decade to getting not one, but three jobs to support the 8 kids at home who were all 12 and under, and leaving the church I had been part of for 17-years, giving up the only support I had. I felt like a failure on EVERY front, my oldest daughter was babysitting far too much, and I was regretting not having that degree. As a result of life happening, I completely lost my identity. Emotionally, I hit rock bottom, and - perhaps like you - I wondered how I could rekindle or redefine who I was, find God’s purpose for me, and relearn to love the life I had chosen.

The road back into finding myself was in large part my path to finding Christ. For those of you wondering what that means to me, I am a non-denominational, Bible-believing Christian! I also believe that “Christian” is a great term because it simply means “Christ-follower.” It was a struggle trying to get back to who I was in Christ, and I’ll meet you where you’re at on your journey.

When I quote scriptures, I use a combination of KJV, NKJV, AMPC, CSB

  • Jenn Taylor

    “Jennifer is an engaging speaker and captivating storyteller. When she speaks to an audience, she speaks to you as an individual. She is motivating, inspiring, and speaks to you and your soul. When she smiles at you, you cannot help but smile from the inside out! She and her positive energy are infectious, so you have been warned”

  • Jenn Taylor

    “This woman is as true to the heart of issues as I’ve ever known! Her spunk to tell it like it is is a refreshing mind-opening experience. She will make you laugh, bring tears yet with a wonderful ability to open your eyes and give insight into life like no other. She is smart, extremely intelligent, enjoyable and easy to be around.”

  • Jenn Taylor

    “Energetic, fun, and inspiring. That is how I would describe Jennifer. No matter whether I hear her speaking in a group setting, or one on one as a coach, I leave wanting to try harder, be better, and believing that I actually can be!”

Whether I'm interviewing someone on my podcast, or talking with you during a coaching call, my intent is to get to the heart of what matters. To discuss what's underneath - what you haven't thought about in years. Those tidbits that really make a difference in your life. And then dive deep. I want to take you places no one else has and really make you think and feel. 

Thank you to Dr. Robb Kelly - a man I admire - for speaking about how I did that with him during his podcast interview. 

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