My Reason for Running

 I’m a badass bitch that owns the road. I feel the wind on my face, the sunshine on my back, and watch it dance in the trees. I feel my calves ache, my heart pound. I taste the thick, slimy, salty, metallic saliva in my mouth.

I feel euphoric, invincible, exhausted, alive. My feet pound the earth and I feel as one with the world around me. There are moments when I feel I can’t go on but I push those thoughts away. I know there lies a place just beyond where peace reigns supreme. My happy place.

Those moments I remember one of my children’s tiny hands reaching to hold mine, the moment I felt life move inside my body, laughter at the dinner table, tears of hurt emotions spilling out in my lap, curled on my bed, the way it feels when a lover caresses my face and tells me he loves me.

A place that is all mine with memories I hold dear in my heart. I do not run from my past or present. I run to a future that is mine to create. I run for me.


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