Plastic Surgery Story: Fantastic Boobs!

I had my boobs "fixed". That's another way of saying augmentation, boob job, lift and tuck, put back, re inflated... Yup. I'm not even a little ashamed. I have to admit, I'm not big on plastic surgery. I have always felt that if you spent life eating healthy, staying active, using sunscreen, getting in the required fruits and veggies, attempted to get enough sleep, played often and laughed a lot you could age gracefully and beautifully. When I was in my late 30's struggling with the impending 4-0 I attended a bridal shower. When all the women were in a blissful state of tipsy abandon every single one of them admitted to having botox regularly and some of them had used slightly more drastic measures. I was shocked. Here I was being the model of healthy living, feeling badly about aging and I was the only one in my age bracket among all these women who hadn't succumbed to societies peer pressure about looking younger. I couldn't wait to get home and dish with my husband!!! It actually made me feel great about myself! I know, I know.... That's not nice. And yet, I had my boobs done. Yes, with wild abandon I might add. After the kids were all born, I lost the last of the baby weight and was done breastfeeding I looked down and wondered when I dropped a raisin down my shirt when I realized - in horror I might add - that it was my nipple. Actually it was my entire breast. Holy crap. I used to have lovely breasts. Soft, perky, a large B cup with pretty nipples. After delivery when my milk came in I had "OH MY GOSH LOOK AT THESE!" breasts which settled into a very large C cup. Now after all my being healthy and thin, staying in shape, having non medicated births at home with a midwife and breastfeeding for years I was reduced to an entire breast that resembled a raisin. And it wasn't even an attractive raisin. So I made a deal with myself. After all I had put my body through I deserved to give my body something back. Something no amount of perfect diet and exercise would ever get me. Boobs.  My beloved boobs. They are almost 9 years old and I love them. They are once again perky and high, round and luscious. My nipples stretched back out no longer resembling raisins. I got them small for the nursing era and a little bigger than my pre-baby boobs. They balance the 36" hips I acquired via birthing babies and once again purchasing bras with matching panties is a delight. I still haven't succumbed like so many others to botox, even after the big 4-0. I'm trying to embrace aging gracefully enjoying the body running gave me and helps me maintain. And I stick to my belief that plastic surgery is a waste of time and money. Well, except for the boobs....  They are fantastic!!


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