Running Gear Reviews: A Few of My Favorite Things

One of the fantastic things about running - and there are a lot - is that it's a relatively inexpensive sport. Running can be done in nearly any weather and travels easily. A good pair of running shoes and supportive sports bra are probably the two biggest must-haves. That being said (and maybe especially because we're women) there are so many options to play with! Here are some of my favorites - through a lot of trial and error I might add - that have become personal fav's in my little running world.... for great headbands that don't move for kick-ass gaiters that are lightweight and easy to use has clips for shoelaces that are too short has tons of great stuff. One of my favorites are the ginger chews. I can't tolerate taking tums for tummy upsets on runs. I like it more natural and these are great.

I love Balega socks, my Saucony gloves with light and the headband with ponytail hole, my pink and gray Nike beanie with ponytail hole. I like Old Navy's running shorts, Under Armour, Adidas, or Brooks running tights for cold weather. I prefer long sleeve shirts with thumbholes and don't like base layers because they tend to roll up and irritate the crap out of me. I generally either wear shorts or skirts with a built-in panty or go commando if I'm wearing capris or tights. They just get in the way. If it's necessary I like Under Armour's panties and thongs. I use EnduroMax from Max Muscle for carb and electrolyte replacement when on runs over 6 miles. It's been the best on my stomach and I feel great during a run. I also like Sports Beans in the variety pack. Every single one I put in my mouth is a surprise.

Now for staples I can no longer live without.... My Garmin Forerunner 305. I don't follow it every 20 steps like I did in the beginning, but I like to keep track. We're at 5500 ft in elevation here so I like that I can see the ups and downs of a run as well as everything else you can imagine.

I've tried a lot of hydration packs - handheld (hate holding things), waist packs (don't like the bounce, movement or pressure on stomach), and packs. Love the pack. Then I made a list of things I wanted in a pack and after much deliberation got the Ultimate Direction Wink. I've never regretted it. It has great storage, the bladder isn't too big and lots of pockets on the straps.

My last must-have is my Road ID. gives you a variety of bracelets to choose from and is online interactive. In the event anything happens to me on a run I know I'll be in good hands. They also sell reflective tape which I use on my pack and some jackets for additional reflection in those dusky or dark hours of the day. The great thing about a lot of my favorites is that they're a one time purchase. Sure, some of them will eventually wear out but for the most part, they withstand the miles very well. 

I also use the app on my phone iMapmyrun to compare it to my Garmin and get instant downloading to my Facebook page.

On a final note:  for after a run, a pre or post-run treat, an escape from the kids, a stash in my purse I love Seattle Chocolates!!!! Chocolate peanut butter.  Yum!  This has nothing to do with running except it's an occasional guilty pleasure and with all this running and blogging I like to treat myself!


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