Running Quirks: Name that Run!

I "talk" to myself during a run. In my head. And I name things. My long run is every Tuesday morning. I run to work which is 8.1 miles. Now that I"m building back up to a half marathon, I'm using that run and adding loops to it to increase my mileage to 12. I did 9 this morning and next week will be 10, etc...  So the bulk of it is the same and I've named it all. Usually I like to run different routes to mix things up, but there's also comfort in knowing what to expect. I dislike the first couple miles of any run. So that's my "warm up". It's 2 miles to the end of our road to the main road so I just "talk" to myself about how I'm warming up for the run and I have the entire road to do it in. Once I turn on to the main area I call it "Bus Boulevard". During the nine months of school, the high school buses drive en mass past me. My daughter Olivia is on one of those buses. She looks for me and yells "That's my MOM!" when she passes me. I always get a text from her when I finish my run. I look forward to that every time.  Even though I'm still warming up, I turn it on because I want to look like Olivia's badass mother runner when she passes. Gets me motivated. After that I'm at 2.5 miles and I know it's a long, slow uphill. I'm still warming up so my mantra is "I hate this part, I hate this part...." until I get to the top. I know when I get there I'll feel awesome. Now I'm at 3 miles and for almost a mile the road is very narrow and curvy. I tell myself  "Get ready for the suicide switchbacks!" Reno's public transportation is RTC. A couple of the drivers "know" me from my runs and always beep when they pass which makes me feel great. It's a nice adrenaline portion of the run and I feel somewhat invincible. After turning on to the main large road, there's much more space on the shoulder but the drop off is steep. That's vertigo hill. It's a good section of road and it can make me dizzy but in a way that I like. (yes, runners are a bit masochistic) From that point I"m about 4.25 miles in and I'm in the section I call "open it up". I have room, it's a great section of road and I'm finding my groove. Then I hit 5.5 miles. It's flat, I run past a cemetery and a broken down house that's great if I need a pee break. But for some reason, I don't like this section. I call it "The wall". And every time it makes me just a little irritated. At 6 miles I cross the "ferocious 4-way". It's a huge intersection and I have to cross it two directions. I have to wait, I want to get past it because it's the end of "the wall" 6-8 miles is the University. College students are everywhere.  I call it the "tight ass" portion of my run. I feel old and young at the same time. It's beautifully landscaped, it's always busy. The only thing I dislike is that one little, nasty hill. It's the "this sucks" hill because by the time I hit it that's all I can say. The other great thing about this section is I'm hot and sweaty and Tuesday is the University water day. It's AWESOME that they turn on the sprinklers for me so I get to run through them half the year.... I know one of the maintenance guys that does the grounds and told him I appreciated their thoughtfulness. He pretended he did it for me. Thank you very much.... There's always "the final stretch" of any run. That last quarter mile I want to turn it on and finish strong even if that means I puke, which I've been known to do. Don't be grossed out. It feels fantastic. Weird, I know. But I don't always turn it on. Sometimes my mantra is "let's see what you've got" and sometimes it's "I'm gonna die".... But none the less it's the end and that in and of itself is euphoric. Now that I'm increasing my run every week I get the opportunity to name more sections and I actually do look forward to it. The other thing that I love about my Tuesday morning run is the roadkill count. Yes, gruesome. But my best friend from high school - Eric - (who is still on the East Coast) and I do it. We "run together" by posting our runs and encouraging each other. We even try to schedule races at the same time of year so we can run our race "together". And we like the roadkill count. Perhaps a bit morbid, however today I was pleased to message E that my count was 2 rabbits, 1 crow, a broken flip flop, a pair of cut up socks and a condom. WOO HOO!!! Okay, okay it is a little yucky but I spend my run making sure I remember what I saw so I can return and report. It gives me something to focus on during hard parts of a run. And honestly I'm glad that at least one person, very recently who did not want an STD or a child actually used a condom....


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