Choosing the Right Running Attire for the Weather

So clothing and running and temperatures.... I have a guideline which I think is what all of us pretty much do. I look at the weather online pre-run and then determine what I'm putting on. I always keep in mind that I should start feeling chilly if possible so I'm not stripping after ten minutes. I make sure I'm considering everything when I'm choosing the right running attire for the weather. Most running apparel is designed to be comfortable but there are a couple of things to consider. Personally I bloat when I run. Get a nice little bloat belly going on. So I like my bottoms to rest lower on my stomach. Also, I'm tall so I have to make sure my shirts are long enough and more so with lower riding bottoms and a gut....

Above 70* is what I classify as "naked running". No, I don't actually run naked and logically I would never, ever want to. BUT mid-run that's what I'm thinking. If my belly didn't bloat I'd never wear a tank top. So it depends on where, when, and with whom the run is happening as well as how little vanity I'm feeling whether I go in a bra or tank. 55* and up I always wear shorts and a tank top. Below 55* I wear a T-shirt and as the temps get lower I add arm sleeves. 50* arm sleeves get added 45* I add gloves. I'd rather have them and not use them than have fingers of ice. Also at 45* I sometimes switch to a long sleeve as opposed to T-shirt and sleeves and I wear capris. Depends on how long the run is and what time I start.

In the desert, the temps can change pretty quickly. 40*-45* I'm in long sleeves, gloves, and a headband and I switch to running tights. Below 40* I'll determine if I need wind pants over my tights and if I need a hat instead of a headband. By the time 30* rolls around I'm in a hat and wind pants over the tights. I've run down to 15* and honestly, I don't really change what I wear (maybe warmer gloves) it just takes a little longer to warm up. If it's windy I add clothes more quickly but I always try to keep things streamlined so I don't make it harder to run.  There are times to decide to do the run on a treadmill instead of fighting the elements.

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This is from article today. They had a graph outlining winter weather and what to wear!! Temperature How to Dress 55°F+ Shorts and short-sleeve top 45°-54°F Shorts or tights and long-sleeve base layer top 33°-44°F Tights and long-sleeve base layer top; gloves and thermal headband optional 20°-32°F Tights, long-sleeve base layer, second top layer (e.g. vest), gloves and thermal headband; second bottom layer (e.g. running pants) optional 0°-19°F Tights, second bottom layer (e.g. running pants), long-sleeve base layer, jacket, gloves, thermal headband
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