Surprises in My Running Playlist

It may sound crazy, but I put my 15 year old daughter in charge of my music. Don't get me wrong - I put in a lot of my own desires - in the form of tugging on her shirt and whining..... It's fantastic!!  She does the work and I get my groove on! I use an iPod Shuffle. I actually prefer non iPod brands because I can download more music and manipulate more easily than being locked in to iTunes. BUT, the shuffle allows me to clip on, it's super small and when I'm not "feeling" a song I can just push the fast forward button. Easy. No groping, looking, etc...  I like a lot of music on it because music and running is so mood dependent.  I'd like to download pre-made playlists but up to this point I just shuffle my way on through. The shuffle also means I don't have a screen to look at. So I don't know what's on my shuffle. Which makes Olivia - said 15 year old - giggle when she's downloading songs for me. I know she giggles because as I'm plugging along running, Weird Al or Veggie Tales comes screaming on my headphones. And I giggle thinking about Olivia sitting at her computer, looking over her shoulder, giggling while she's thinking about me running my little heart out and hearing Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.   After the first time it happened I got home and told her thank you for programming my  music.  She tried to hide her sly smile and said, "You're welcome.  Did you hear any good songs??" In that artificially saccharin sweet sing song voice that sadly attempts to portray innocence.  "Yes, I did."  I reply.  "I thoroughly enjoyed running and singing Everybody's Got A Water Buffalo."  "I knew you would" she says smile still in place.  "That's why I'm your music guru."  And she is correct. I love getting surprises in my running playlist. 



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