Running to the Beat of My Son's Drum

Tuesday is an easy day for me to get up early and run to work. It's an 8.1 mile run so it's also easy for me to extend that distance and really make it my long run for the week. It's definitely easier than carving out another 2 hour block for a long run. I've done two weeks at ten miles and want to build it to 12 and stay there permanently (until I get the marathon bug again) so I'm always race ready for a half. iPod was dead somehow so I grabbed my 12 year old son, Taylor's. I figure we all have the same main music library to choose from so how bad could it be?? Taylors music is indicative of his personality. Mellow groove. Pink Floyd, Creedence Clearwater, Beatles, Garfunkel, Bangles, Sting, Rod Stewart and Crosby, Stills and Nash to name just a few. It made me smile at first thinking about him and how much he is like his playlist. It was 21* out when I was getting ready to leave.  I don't know why, but I decided to forgo the shell layer over my running tights.   Obviously I didn't read my blog "what to wear" for temperatures....  Worse, when I walked outside to the sunrise and stillness of no wind, I said - OUT LOUD - "This isn't so bad."  Yes.  I did.  My hat, gloves, running jacket were all great.  Even my feet were fine, but for that first few miles while I enjoyed Taylors mellow groove my legs were absolutely miserable.  Also, the tube from my water pack - although insulated - was frozen.  I kept it in my mouth often to attempt to keep it thawed.  Ah, winter. About the time my legs were beginning to thaw around mile 4, Taylor's playlist was irritating the crap out of me.  I wanted hip hop!  Some hip swaying, get your groove on, movin' music.  I figured out how his iPod fast forwarded but it wasn't all that helpful.  My running was going really well though so I ignored it.  By mile 6 (the bathroom at mile 5 is now gone) my bladder was letting me know it was hitting full capacity.  Usually I'm good for ten miles, but not today!  The cemetery office didn't open for 40 more minutes and I could SEE the bathroom.  I finally found a gas station at mile 7.5 and (thank goodness) the man let me use the facilities without a purchase.  I hurt after that.  Honestly.  TMI maybe but I really had to go.  Good news is that I didn't care about the playlist and my run was a little faster than usual! Wrapped up the last 2.5 miles with relative ease.  Long runs are supposed to be slow and I'm consistent at about ten minute miles - pretty slow for me.   It feels good every time and I like to attempt to stay injury free. Next Tuesday's "ten" I'll plan for the weather a little better and definitely get my own iPod charged, but it was fun to spend a little time running to the beat of my son's drum.



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