Have More Loves than Hates

I've written a couple reviews and blogged about my favs or must haves. But there is life outside of running. (GASP, CHOKE!!! WHAT??!!) It's true. There are some things in my life I love and some that I detest. Here's a snapshot. I LOVE my gray, v-neck cashmere sweater. It's delicious. Yummy. And I got it at a great second hand store for $11. I love it all the more for that. I LOVE my deep eggplant purple silk Ann Taylor long, ribbed tank top. Also delicious. Got that one for $3.... It feels like skin. It's lusciousness. I LOVE ginger snaps. Yup. Pre-run, breakfast, whenever. They never get old, never bug my stomach. I like trying new kinds just because. I also like lemon or lime cookies. The kind that's rolled in the lemon/lime confectioners sugar. That's a special treat though. Yummy, special treat. I LOVE Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts facial products. They're the only brand that keeps my skin relatively manageable. I LOVE my fuzzy socks. Bright, fun, fuzzy, warm, cozy. I think they go with everything when it's cold and I'm in the house. The only thing that's acceptable when I can't go barefoot which I love the most.  I honestly think we should all live in soft, comfy underwear, but so far it's a  no go.   I LOVE my REI fleece bathrobe that's over ten years old but still looks and feels new. I LOVE my kids holding my hand, calling my Mommy, skipping through parking lots with me, telling me they love me, asking me to sing to them, running or biking with me, calling me "Dude, Mom" and a million other things they don't even realize.  I LOVE being with a man that - in a crowded room across from each other I can make a nearly undetectable face and he knows exactly what I'm thinking.  And it makes him laugh.  I LOVE being organized.  I love my dogs, being outside pretty much for any reason.  I LOVE to camp, fish, used to hunt, hike, etc...  I LOVE telling people something good about them.  Drive thru, store, every volunteer at a race within hearing distance.  It feels good to be genuinely nice to people and it seems to always surprise them.  And I love running.  A LOT! I HATE first and foremost mean, stupid people.  You know who they are but, as inconceivable as it may seem, they do not.  They suck.  Big time.  I HATE my skin.  As mentioned in things I love, my skin care - it still doesn't stop me from (at 40 years old) having breakouts like a prepubescent teen.  It's frustrating, infuriating to the point of actually not wanting to go anywhere.  I know why teenagers throw temper tantrums.  I would like nothing more than to throw myself, kicking and screaming on the floor for a whopper.  But that would not change my skin.  So I just HATE it instead.  Especially since it rebelled on me less than ten years ago.  Until then, I liked it.  Not anymore....  I HATE coconut.  Gross.  Totally.  Gag me.  (Yes, I did just have a valley girl moment).  I HATE cold weather.  I say that I like seasons - true.  I say that I like the change in wardrobe - true.  For about a week.  If it would snow after Thanksgiving until Jan 1st and never get windy or get below 30* that would be fine.  More than that and I HATE cold.  Probably because I'm always cold.  Body temp is 98.6* and so should the temperature outside be (OK, down to 75* is acceptable)...  I HATE chaos and contention.  I don't mind facing it head on but seriously can't we have a conversation and not a confrontation?? As I write this I continuously think of other things that I LOVE but very few I HATE.  This makes me happy.  It's been a season of reflecting on how thankful I am.  I probably needed to remind myself of how many things I LOVE.  I was bummed that I missed the Vegas half marathon and the NYC Marathon this year.  2 races I would have LOVED to participate in.  But, honestly, they'll be there next time around so hopefully I'll make it then.  There's just so much good going on in the meantime. I have more loves than hates.


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