Great Questions for Reflections of 2011

The year in review stolen borrowed from these great questions posed by 1. Single best thing that happened? My entire family drove to Arizona in April to visit my sister.  She's one of the best people in my life and we hadn't visited in over 6 years.  Now it's an annual plan.  I missed her desperately and I'm so thankful all our kids are reconnected. 2. Single most challenging thing that happened? Lillie, the little girl we'd had in our custody moved to a different foster home.  She was 4 and we'd had her most of her life starting when she was a few months old, but the state decided they wanted her with her 1 year and 1-month-old brothers.  It ripped my heart out and Chris and I decided we were done with foster care. 3. Unexpected joy? Starting my blog.  Writing again after much too long.  Meeting so many fellow runners via blogging. 4. Unexpected obstacle? Not partnering with my coworker in the hair shop.  It was difficult to switch gears after all the planning and work. 5. 3 words to describe 2011? Challenging, euphoric, reinvented 6. 3 words your spouse would use to describe YOUR year(don't ask them)? Badass, Badass, Badass 7. 3 words your spouse would use to describe THEIR year(don't ask them)? Never enough wakeboarding!!! 8. The best books you read? Water for Elephants was my favorite regular book.  My awesome mom in law gave it to me.  Run Like A Mother's favorite running book, The Long Run favorite inspirational and Gena Showalter's books for steamy reading and fantasy 9. With whom were your most valuable relationships? My husband #1 and my children.  Also Kellie my bestest bestie and my sister and her husband who are my heroes. 10. Biggest personal change of 2011? Graduated (after only 9 months!) from school to be a hairdresser.  Started work as hairdresser 11. How did you grow emotionally? I'm more and more comfortable with who I am as I get older.  And having alone time.  I'm not waiting for people to want to spend time with me, I'm doing my own thing and anyone can jump in when they want which is more how I used to be. 12. How did you grow spiritually? This is an area I wish I had more growth, but my faith is unwavering. 13. How did you grow physically? I didn't grow, I shrunk!!!  Lost 11 lbs that I put on while in school when I was doing 50 hour weeks and couldn't run as much.  Also, I got right back into running and have taken it to a new level - I'm getting faster!!! 14. In what ways did you grow in your relationships with others? I try to be patient and empathetic but also not put up with too much.  Create boundaries.  I want to be more relaxed with my children - some more than others - so I'll continue working on that. 15. The most enjoyable part of work (office and home)? Clients, clients, clients!!! I love getting to know people's stories. 16. The most challenging part of work (office and home)? Coworkers I think.  I'm still trying to find balance and a good fit.  It's only been 8 months.... 17. Biggest time-waster in your life this year? Waiting for people to want to spend time with me.  Now I'm going out and getting some!! 18. The best way you utilized your time this year? Writing again.  Sigh....  Missed you, my journal (which is now my blog) 19. The biggest thing you learned this year? Things that are worth it are often hard.  Running, relationships, even cleaning the house sometimes!! 20. Create a phrase or statement to describe this year? A year of change and growth.  All for the better!!



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