Don't Miss These Top Picks For Running Gear

Compression:  Recofit Sports is the only company I use for compression.  I've tried a lot of compression gear and it just didn't do it for me until these. Shorts:  Oiselle Roga Shorts - the only shorts I just love.

RecoFit Compression sleeves and Roga Shorts!

Oiselle Roga Shorts and Mizuno Wave Precision shoes

Skirt:  Only running skirt I love is Running Skirts.  Has shorts underneath OR panties which I actually prefer.  I've abused mine for over 6 years and still love it.

In this picture, I'm wearing one of my many BodyRock Sport bras, Running Skirts skirt and RecoFit Sports compression sleeves.

Sports Bras:  BodyRock Sport.  Only ones.  Period.  I also have a few running tights, shirts and jackets.  She does everything right.

BodyRock Sport Capri's and Sports bra with a random tank top. Walking the dogs!


BodyRock Sport bras (Lauren) match EVERYTHING!!!

Tights:  Brooks.  Honestly, they were the only ones long enough for me that didn't completely fall off.  Same with my REI shell pants made for cross country skiing.  They fit the best so it's not always about the brand (Honestly I try to stay away from big brands) it's also about function and that it fits me.  Other sports need the same functions in clothing so look outside of running apparel.  Tennis, skiing, cycling, etc...  If it's breathable, lightweight, wicking, has great movement, etc...  it will work to run in.

Brooks tights, Northface Windstopper jacket, Saucony gloves, and headband. 

Gloves, Hat & Headband:  Gloves and headband I use are Saucony.  Pink.  I like the gloves because there's a mitten that comes over the top of my fingers if I need it.  I can tuck it away or put disposable hand warmers in it.  If I wear a hat I haven't found one that's so much better than the rest.

Jacket: NorthFace Windstopper.  Read reviews, saved up, got it on eBay.  It's not thick so I layer under it accordingly.  I like the hood, the drawstring on the hood, and at the bottom and yes, it does minimize the wind considerably.

North Face Jacket

Socks:  Balega.  I do like Swiftwick as well and have one pair of SmartWool that I use in winter, but Balega overall is my favorite

LIGHTING:  I appreciate clothing that has built-in reflection.  It would be fine with me if every piece of apparel came striped with it.  Until that happens I am very aware of how bright I am to others - I sometimes put reflective tape on my clothes if I run in low lighting.  I also need to see though and for that, I use Knuckle Lights.

Yes, of course, I have the pink ones!!

Shoes: (Currently.  Subject to constant change) Minimalist: Mizuno Wave Precision Regular: Saucony Ride Trail: Saucony Peregrine SHARE YOUR FAVORITES!!!  It's how I find most of my favorites!!



Thank you for the post! I love the picture of the Roga shorts and the running skirt! I will probably have to wait a few month to try them myself, winter just beginning here :)
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I try to stock up and cash in on sales for summer stuff during the winter - plus somehow I feel like I'm doing SOMETHING to bring warmer weather!! Last year, it got pretty cold and very windy so I did end up buying things NOT on sale. REI has some good coupons though, so my shell pants were 30% off and the North Face jacket I found new on Ebay. Once you know what you want or like, I search regularly
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