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Today at Reno Running Company's Sunday store run, we got to try some gear.  First, I tried my new Saucony long sleeve, 1/3 zip pullover that my ex-husband bought for me yesterday at the REI garage sale for $17.  Weird to some people, but he and I have children together and we've remained friends despite getting divorced.  The top was a lovely surprise and it was very comfy.


I happened to wear my new Saucony 1/3 zip, long sleeve today. Under the vest I tried. 

The only thing NOT Saucony were my Brooks tights So, yes to the shirt and super yes to the price!!  Next was the Women's Sonic HDX ViZiPRO Vest.  With a USB rechargeable light (which I got with a pair of their gloves last year and love), once you turn it on it lights up a strip on the front left as well as the back of the vest.  It stores in the left pocket and I never noticed it.  We were running in the day and from a few blocks away I could see the people wearing this.  Bright pink will do that!!  Also, there are many strips of reflective material for additional visibility.  I don't think you can ever get enough of that and would have added it to the bottom perimeter of the vest, but really, they listened when putting this together.  It would crumple up and fit in a pocket if you needed to take it off, but it's so lightweight I doubt you'd have to and blocked the light wind nicely.  It retails for $95 which is spendy, but worth it.  It was agonizing giving it back.

USB plus it lights up the left breast strip when turned on

The USB clip that stores in the left pocket or clips on the vest

When the USB light is turned on, it lights up the strip on the back of the vest at the shoulder blades.

3 friends wearing the vest I also got to try some shoes for today's run!!  Saucony Triumph was what I chose.  I usually wear a size 9, but they only had a 9.5.  They were comfortable but felt a little sloppy due to the size increase and I felt like I either tied them too loose or too tight.  Overall they were fine, but I prefer the Saucony Ride and since they have the same drop, I'll stick with those.  I love adding miles to shoes that aren't mine and getting the opportunity to try new things though so it was great all around.

Saucony Triumph            



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