Read this Review Before You Get FitRadio

After the Leprechaun Chase, I came home and ran another 4 miles. A 7-mile day isn't too bad. It warmed up to 60* but got pretty windy. Still, it felt good to be out. I've wanted to try an armband for my iPhone.  SAFETY FIRST!!!!  It's important to carry it for safety reasons, to pretend I'll answer it for the kids (actually, I usually do and they can tell immediately that I'm running), to occasionally listen to music, to use an app if my Garmin is DOA or I forgot it.  I didn't want to spend $30 on one just to see if I liked it, but one of my teammates read my plight via Facebook status and told me she had one I could have. Thanks, Dianna!!  I gave her some leftovers from the night before so she didn't have to cook dinner that night so it all balanced out.  I was surprised it didn't drive me crazy, but I didn't mind it.  Especially compared to a belt, bouncing in a pocket, stuffing it in my sports bra.

Going for a run...

Going for a run. I also used an app for my iPhone called FitRadio.  I have the free version and only had one commercial at 25 minutes - it just said, "You are listening to FitRadio".  Well, duh!  It stopped working after almost 40 minutes and when I looked at it, it was buffering.  The only downfall it seems. I liked it so much - it goes by BPM (beats per minute) but I just put it on Top 40, knew every song mix, and each song blended into the next right about the time you were ready to end one - that I looked up the cost.  It's $2.99 a month or $36 per year (no advantage there).  I like a one time fee, slam, bam, thank you ma'am app.  I'm not into the commitment of a monthly fee and I'm not sure it's $36 per year worthy.  The free app is worth trying though and I'll keep using it.



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