Choosing a Running Shoe: Listen to Your Body

I've been having a little trouble with my runs for the last few weeks.  I've been wearing the Saucony Ride 5 for quite some time now with no issues.  Loved it so much that about 5 weeks ago I went in and got a new pair - it was time with over 500 miles on the pair I had.  I'm a size 8 (so I get a 9 in running shoes for swelling) and neutral gait so pretty easy.  My new Rides weren't feeling right though.  I've been blistering on my toes, the outer part of my big toe got super calloused and sore and I've been having charlie horses in my arches and toes during and after running.  Basically it sucked.

I brought my shoes in - old pair in blue, new pair in pink so my daughter Bri and her Reno Running Company team could make sure it wasn't a factory defect.  Nope.  Operator error.  Super. Bri treated me like I had never been there before which was good.  New baseline - things can change she said. Bri was getting serious about my total shoe experience. My feet measured 1/2 size bigger. So we increased my running shoes to a 9.5

I redid my gait analysis and I'm starting to slightly pronate. Not significantly, but enough to put me in shoes that have some stability. Isn't Bri all professional here??  Yup, being older sucks except that my kids are BOMB!!!  I love that she's involved in running!! I tried on 5 pairs of shoes after the gait analysis.  I put different ones on my feet and hit the treadmill which I usually don't do.  These felt different due to the light stability so instead of just walking around the store I really tested them.  I just purchased shoes 5 weeks ago so this wasn't where I was planning on putting money.  I narrowed it down to 2 pairs and ran outside.  First with one on each foot - that was odd.  So I ran in one pair and then the other and picked what felt better during the run and not just while standing

I went with the Brooks Ravenna 4 which I knew nothing about but apparently it was the highest-rated shoe recently in Running Magazine.  I never pay attention to that - I don't want the reviews to sway my decision.  The shoes I thought I'd want were the Saucony Mirage and Bri said when I put those on I told her they felt bulky.  It's about how they function for you, nothing else.  Well, the color too. I'll keep you posted on how they work for me.  It's just interesting that even after so much time, changes can always happen.  Listen to your body and go with it - even if your daughter makes jokes.  Incessantly.  (She is pretty funny!)



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