Lava Pants Review: Are They Worth It?

I was fortunate enough to steal borrow a pair of these last summer for a triathlon.  My teammate Pete had them and RAVED.  

Xterra's Lava Pants are gaining in popularity and I'm glad I got a chance to try them out prior to owning them. But are they worth it? My triathlon went well and I did indeed love wearing Pete's Lava Pants.  (even though he accused me of stretching them out!!)  At the triathlon, people asked me about them and of course, I gave them the info that Pete had told me.  I am, after all, the expert. Because he's one of the nicest teammates in the universe, Pete waited for Xterra to have a sale and snagged a pair for me.  It's really selfish of him - he was sick of sharing but I love them so I'll let it go.

There is nothing I don't like about these.  Compared to a wetsuit, they are lightweight and easier to get off and on.  They keep your legs in the proper swim position and offer buoyancy while training.  They are wetsuit legal - although for colder water temperatures I still wore my full wetsuit - but I enjoyed using them for the warmer water triathlon.  I love the lower waistband however my fear was that when I pushed off the side of the pool, they'd stay there and I'd swim right out of them but that was not the case.  They stay put.  

I use them nearly every time I train in the pool and am excited to have them as an option for warmer water tri's.  They are worth the money invested.  (especially on sale).   Due to the sale, several of my teammates now own a pair.  It's one of those slightly more expensive, do you really need them, can you justify paying for the purchases.  All I can tell you is that once you get a pair, you'll use them constantly and it won't be a purchase you regret. So yes, Lava Pants are worth it! 


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