The Secret to Fresh Smelling Laundry

I remember my Grandmother hanging clothes out to dry. It seemed nostalgic for me.  Romantic even.  The process of bringing it out into the sunshine, hanging it, listening to it rustle in the breeze, taking it down, folding it.  I thought my Grammy had the best smelling laundry ever.  Then I helped and realized it's a pain.  It rains, the wind kicks up dirt and you have to start over, some clothes feel so stiff that I thought folding them would make them crack.....  Still, she had pretty nice smelling sheets.

Fast forward to my sweaty, smelly work out clothes.  Yuck.  Even though I wash, use a good detergent and a dryer sheet, over time - especially work out clothes - have that lingering, musty, yucky, stinky smell clinging to them.  So I tried out some crystals. I've found he secret to fresh smelling laundry. I've used these for over a year now.  I use the most neutral scents - no flowers for me.  I like my smells to be more in the "spring", "fresh breeze", "babbling brook" categories.  Or citrus.  I predominantly used this with workout clothing, then slowly started using it on all my clothes, now I sneak it into the kid's laundry as well.  I wouldn't say I'm true to this particular product - I've used them all - however, I didn't really think the liquid fabric softener with added smell worked well.  I prefer to add the crystals to the load.

Recently, Dane mentioned our towels smelled yucky.  So we grabbed them all and put them in the wash with some extra crystals.  They came out smelling babbling brook fresh.  Another tip for keeping things smelling good??  Add one of these to each drawer, in your car, and in shoes.

Put one of these in each shoe to keep them smelling fresh!!!

Put one of these in each shoe to keep them smelling fresh!!!



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