How to Buy the Right Running Shoes

Buying shoes is a runner's favorite thing to do. I actually had to unload 3 pairs of shoes I purchased right before my foot broke. I'd worn each of them just a couple of times and it's heartbreaking to let them go, even though I knew I could no longer wear them.  

I used the money from selling them ($40 each) to buy a new pair of shoes.  Sure, the 3 to 1 ratio kind of stinks, but it was far better than letting them sit in my closet.  These 3 had to go: My podiatrist (who is also a marathon runner and great guy) told me that through the healing process and beyond, I needed to change the shoes I wear.  Due to the fact that the injury was predominantly on the ball of my foot, I had to start wearing a zero drop shoe.  This would help me keep pressure off my tippy toes.  I've done the zero drop before.  Brooks has a line that was called Pure and (being a Brooks kind of girl) I actually PR'd my half marathon in my zero's a couple of years ago. 

My great and amazing friend Pete gave me a pair of Altra running flats that I could wear when the boot was coming off which was fantastic.  I still use them most of the time when I'm in a sneaker kind of mood.  Then I got another pair to run in, as well as my fave's - Brooks Ravenna for my birthday from Dane.  Offering some mild support for pronation and only an 8mm drop, these are a good option to switch up since they have more support.  download

Then Altra came in with a new line (Provision 2) offering a bit more cushion and support and when my first set needed to be traded in, I finally broke down and bought them with the money I had stashed from selling the other 3. Altra is an amazing company and the shoes are fantastic.  I looooooove them.  I can't imagine not being a Brooks girl and I do like to switch between 2-3 pairs of shoes, so I don't have to give them up.  Shoes need a break too - Give the poor things a chance to bounce back and put my feet in something a bit different every couple of runs.  Having said that, with 3 pairs of Altra's under my belt, these are awesome. My mileage is up to 6.5 but those "longer runs" are slower.  I keep reminding myself to be consistent and build the mileage and the speed will happen.  It's true.  The tendon is still a bit stiff from time to time, so taking things slowly is a good plan of action.  In new shoes, it's a lot more fun!!



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