Better Together Inaugural Marathon Race

This past Saturday, I ran a great 5K. The Better Together 5K and 2-mile walk for Sparks Middle School was fantastic. Inaugural marathon races tend to be small - not great for the race directors, but great for the runners, especially if you want to medal.

This race was a one-mile loop (more like a box - all left turns) that we ran 3 times and a little cul de sac to get that .1 done.  At first, I wasn't sure how I'd like the 3 loop 5K but here's what I really enjoyed:

  • Lots of race support but fewer people needed since you run past them 3 times.  The signs and support were amazing!  By the third time around it felt like seeing friends (although there were some of those out on the course too!)
  • You know what to expect and 1 mile is fairly easy.  Once I ran it, I thought "OK, no big deal.  Let's do another" so it broke it up into familiar subsequent miles.  It was like checking off a list - one done, two done, last one......
  • One aid station but at every mile!!!  The aid station was set up by the start/finish so it was available more than most 5K races that have one at the halfway mark.  We passed it twice and it was right there at the finish with lots of other snacks

There was fantastic support all the way around for this event.  The booths, food, music, vending trucks, volunteers, and the raffle all made it a great time.  I love that I've done a couple of inaugural races - it's nice to see the years pass and be part of an event as it grows.


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