My Favorite Running Gear - Reviews

One of my favorite things to read about is reviews by actual runners.  Women preferably since I'm a woman.  I want to base my purchases on what people like using and why - so I can make educated choices.  I've made countless (and I'm not exaggerating here - countless) purchases based on what other people liked.  I've also done my own research due to a situation (trail running, training after injury, needing to carry an inhaler, etc....).  Reading reviews turned into writing them.

Then we decided to downsize our lives.  Then we moved.  When you pack a bookshelf, and the number of boxes is (slight exaggeration but not really) 30 neatly packed boxes, you look at the boxes and think, "there's NO WAY all these boxes came from those shelves".  Yet, when you unpack them, they all fit.  I'm here to tell you that the volume of stuff that "fits" in places is astronomical and until I decided to make changes, it was easy to convince myself I didn't have a problem.  

A friend of mine, Shauna, said moving is like a clown car - the stuff just keeps coming and coming and coming.......  True story.  I got rid of boxes and boxes and bags of stuff I bought thinking it was what I wanted, or I got a deal on it, or I wanted to do a review because my blog numbers are higher for reviews.  I was overwhelmed by the volume of stuff I had that I hadn't used in years.  So I got rid of ALL of it.  I listed things on Facebook, then craigslist, then donated because I just didn't want to take the time to continue listing things. I know what I like.  So, here's my list of tried and true companies that I've used over and over again because they fit, they work, I love them, they make life easier, etc...  Some are personal preference.  Dane doesn't like the same socks as I do, his favorite shoe company is different, etc...  But for women's clothes, fit, etc...  the others are more universal.  I'm putting WHY I like them because you're why might be different than mine.  In every category, I have tried AT LEAST four different companies/brands.  It's a big list, but most things I only have one of.  When it wears out, I replace it. So, here it is - reviews of some of my favorite running gear. 

  • Recofit Sport - compression gear.  The best hands down.  One woman company she started due to an injury.  I love this woman and her product is bar none.
  • Oiselle - women's running gear - created by women for women.  The only shorts I wear and one of my favorite sports bras, but I love everything - I've never been disappointed.  Please get me gift certificates......
  • Flipbelt - when you don't have pockets and need to carry things.  My stomach gets sick when there's pressure on it and this is the only one I've been able to wear.  I carry my phone, keys, and inhaler.
  • Nathan handheld water bottle.  I don't like to carry things and this is comfortable but takes zero effort - doesn't feel like you're holding anything.  Great for shorter runs or a half marathon with aid stations.
  • Nathan hydration backpack.  For trails and longer runs, this is by far the most comfortable.  I got the smaller model - no frills.
  • Ultimate Direction Wink hydration pack.  For longer runs where I need more.  If I need more than this, I'd rather be crewed.
  • Sparkly Soul headbands.  Keeps flyaways out of the way and doesn't move.  My daughter borrowed mine and it's now gone.  Bummer.  I made some but these are just better.
  • Balega socks.  I've tried them all and these are my favorites.  Just the right amount of cushion.
  • Brooks.  My favorite running shoe overall.  Love them.  The tights are long enough for me (33" inseam) and I like their quality.  I tend to prefer smaller businesses, but this group does a great job.  I wear the Ravenna with an 8mm drop and some support.  The Grit for trails in a 4mm drop with arch support.
  • Altra shoes.  For my new need to be in a zero drop more often, these quirky looking shoes that I didn't want to like I LOVE.  I was thrilled when they came out with a little more support which I needed.
  • Running skirt.  If I wear a skirt, this is the one.  I like the skirt with a brief instead of a short - shorts ride up and bunch and I think they're dreadfully uncomfortable.  I still have the first one of these I bought about 8 years ago. 



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