How I Find Balance with Sleep

I write about balance quite a bit.  It's not because I'm an expert on how to balance my life.  Being asked to write on the subject has helped me become better, though and writing helps me to process how to continue that trend.

Sleep.  We need it.  We want it.  It feels amazing when you get enough.  It's easy to search the health benefits and anyone who hasn't gotten enough - most of us - knows how awful you feel.  I run every Sunday morning at Reno Running Company at 8 am.  I love the people, the routes, getting done early, and continuing on with my day.  Sometimes, though, Saturday night doesn't cooperate with Sunday morning.

We recently took the kids to the drive-in movies.  It was fun, the movies (and people watching) were great, spending time together is another important part of the balance.  We didn't get home until after 1 am though.  My bedtime is about 9 pm, so I was out way past the witching hour and I felt it.  I kept adding up the hours of sleep I'd get before the run (5 which isn't awful) and convinced myself that I could probably take a nap later in the day (which I never do).  I finally decided since 7:15 isn't early for me - I"m usually up before that on my own - I'd just sleep and let my body tell me what it needed.  My body needed to sleep until 9.  I very rarely sleep that long and I was shocked when I looked at the time.


I was disappointed.  I wanted to run.  I wanted to meet my friends.  I wanted to get the mileage in early to start my day.  I felt like a wimp for not getting up and going.  I should have set my alarm.  I missed my friend, Peggy.  We're training for the same half marathon.  I knew I might not run later and if I did I'd have to "figure it out".  Ugh.  Irritation and stir craziness commence!!  I vented, I fumed, I whined, I stomped.  OK, I wanted to do those things.  I don't think I was too bad.  I felt great.  Well-rested. I found balance with sleep.  I needed the sleep and the payoff was worth it.   I stayed in sweatpants and a T-shirt for over half the day, watched some TV with Dane, got a few chores done, pulled my head out of my butt, and went for a run.



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