7 Reasons to Do A Group Run Before Sunrise

Many people question my sanity when I tell them I'm up at 4:30 to leave my house at 5:10 to go running.  What in the world would possess anyone to want to do that?  Here are 7 reasons that running before sunrise with a group is the sanest decision ever.

  1. Groups keep you accountable.  We use a Facebook message to keep in contact.  I want to see these women and if I say I'm going, they hold me accountable.  You never want to let your friends down or come up with a lame excuse of why you didn't show up.
  2. It's done.  It's sooooo nice to have the run finished early and get on with the day.  Running is the agenda item that's the most difficult for me to schedule around everything else.  It feels great to know I've already completed my mileage.
  3. Better sleep.  Nothing helps me sleep better than getting up at 4:30 and running a few miles.  I fall to sleep faster at night and sleep harder.  It's bliss.
  4. Happy endorphin's all day long.  I feel great after a run regardless of what time it's at.  Morning runs mean I can take a little bit of those endorphins with me throughout the day.
  5. Less traffic.  It's nice when there are very few vehicles out on the road.  I don't like to compete with vehicles.  All we have out there are a few people walking their dogs and other crazy runners.  Only a few cars interrupt our run which means we're often in the middle of the road where we belong.
  6. It's Quiet.   The quiet is sometimes ethereal.  It's a great time to think, decompress, and start the day off.  There's an amazing feeling being out when it feels like the world is asleep.  It's a kind of peace I love.  Sure, there are a bunch of women running with me (and the dog), but it's the quiet of the world that I crave.
  7. Alone time and a hot shower. I wake up to a home in slumber.  Our home isn't loud and crazy - even with 12 people living here - but it's rarely silent.  I drink coffee and have something small to eat by myself.  I give myself half an hour to wake up, stretch, get dressed, and out the door.  I return to a peaceful, still slumbering home.  I often leave the lights off to take a long, hot shower.  It's my only reprieve during the week and I cherish it.


I used to plan 4-morning workouts a week - two at 4:30 am, one at 6 am and then a fourth at 8 am.  Now I have 2 at 5:20 am and one at 8 am.  I convinced myself I didn't miss it.  That I needed the extra sleep.  I wasn't being honest with myself.  It's the easiest way to get my mileage in without disrupting my family.  I missed it.  The morning, the group, getting it done.  Thank goodness for other crazy runners.



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