A Review of My Favorite Running Gear

I've done gear reviews for almost a decade - even though the blog is only going on 4 years old. When we minimized and moved, I really had to evaluate the stuff I had accumulated - often because I was doing a review.  I pared running gear down to only what I really used on a very regular basis.  

Not that you will love what I love (we're all unique after all), but if I can guide you to a product that's amazing, how cool is that?  I don't make any money off these reviews, I don't get any free product.  I'm just me promoting companies and products that work and that I love using. I hope you'll enjoy my favorite running gear as much as I do! 

  • Altra Shoes.  I'm not into any fads, so the zero drop was something I tried, but didn't stick with.  Until I broke my foot.  My marathon running podiatrist told me zero drop.  My friend Pete gave me a pair of these to try out and the owner of Reno Running Company - Matt - told me it was a great choice. I love them!!!
  • FlipBelt.  When I had to start carrying an inhaler and I knew I should carry my phone, I tried at least half a dozen products.  I don't like having anything on my stomach but this fits and feels great.  No issues and it's easy to carry what I need - including keys.  I never remember I have it on.
  • RecoFit Compression.  Not only an amazing product, but I also had the pleasure to get to know Suzie, the one-man woman behind the company.  I hadn't been happy with any compression so I was her worst critic going into the tryouts (at a women's retreat 3 years ago).  I love them!!  This is the only compression gear I use.  Her story is worth reading and her products are amazing.
  • Oiselle Roga shorts (and everything else).  I got to know these wonderful women at the same women's retreat that I met Suzie at.  I was a skirt girl.  Once I got to try these shorts, I got rid of all my skirts!!  I've added to my collection and I've never once been disappointed.  My T-shirts are 3 years old and still, in great shape, they make the best sports bras (I'd replace all of mine if I could)
  • Balega socks.   I've tried every single kind of running sock there is and these are the only ones I wear.  They're the perfect height above my shoes and the right amount of cushion.
  • Nathan handheld water bottle,  When I run a half marathon, I put electrolyte in my handheld and utilize aid stations for water only.  Otherwise, I carry water on my shorter runs.  You don't "hold" this - it stays on without effort which is why I like it.  It's also not big or heavy.
  • Polar V800 watch I was a Garmin girl for 8 years but a team I was on recommended this.  It's still a little bulky but that's the nature of a running watch.  The only thing it doesn't do is track heart rate without a strap.  I love it - it's easy to use and it is smaller than my Garmin.  In a perfect world, it would be smaller and read heart rate through my wrist.  Maybe someday.


Susan Walton

You rock, Jennifer! Your opinion is worth a lot to your followers who trust you, and equally as much to the companies whose products you endorse. As one of those companies, I thank you!
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I adore you!!!!!
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