Marathon Race Recap

I did a race recap a couple of months ago.  I highlighted three races I ran this Spring.  Then another post on a 5K I ran.  Here's the next marathon race recap for three others that I ran this summer.

The first race (as others that are planned in the future) was in conjunction with Reno's "crawls".  The wine crawls in Reno are generally themed.  This is a great opportunity to have a 5K at the same time and join forces.  It also means race entries open up some of the downtown activities to the runners without an additional cost.  Love the director's Charlie Johnston and Michael Connors.  Their races are new to our area so they're still small.  This means some of them won't be returning (like the Sparks Middle School run), but it's great to have more local options, and hopefully, some will grow or stick around long enough to grow.  I love that they mark the course perfectly and always have great aid and course support and encouragement.  I'll sign up for every race they put on.  The downside to newer, smaller races is no chip tracking.  This means unless I remember to stop my watch when I cross the finish line and write down my time, it's like the race didn't exist.  Hopefully, they'll add this.  I'd pay more for that to happen.

#1  Arch Rivals Superhero Race.  Super fun, low key, well-marked race.  Really fun costumes, on the river downtown, so a really pretty out and back race.  Two of my kids did this race with me so when I finished I could go to a turn before the finish and cheer them on like a maniac.  Not sure of my time.  25-27 ish minutes?

#2  Reno 5000 Bowers Mansion Race.  This race has been around a few years.  It's well run and organized although they changed the start/finish line and I'm not convinced it was a good move.  Pros and cons of course.  Previously the start/finish was in the parking lot where it was flat and paved.  For this race, the setup and activities were up a small hill on the grass so we had to walk back and forth.  To make the start/finish happen at the same place as everything else (major Pro), they moved it up the grassy hill.  The Con here is that the last little stretch was uphill and in the dirt - more like sand.  Tough call.  It's a hilly, fun race though and a beautiful course.  Not even close to a PR, but a great time anyway.  My total time was 53:29 average minute miles 8:39 (not fast but I'm not "back" yet and it was hilly).  I was the 15th woman to finish and 3rd in my age division.  Pretty great if you ask me.  The race was a blast, great weather - which hasn't always been the case for this race - even better friends.

Race #3 was the Washoe County Sheriff's Office K9 5K.  First of all, if Reno Running Company is involved, I'm in.  I adore the owners and the store.  Second, if Charlie Johnson has anything to do with being the race director, I'm in.  He rocks it!  Third, when the money stays in my community and benefits a cause I believe in, I"m in.  Sure, I'll pull the "thank you for showing up sheriffs department K9 unit, I helped fund you, please help me" if the time ever comes.  One pretty fantastic thing that happens when any type of police department is involved in a race?  Epic course support.  They were amazing.  All in all, a perfectly marked, great volunteers, amazing people kind of race.  Doesn't get any better than that.  This was the first race I felt "normal" again racing since the foot break and it was a good feeling. Hills, but fun! 25:45 total time, 8:18 minute miles, 28th overall, and 2nd in my age division.  I won a $15 gift certificate and bought two pairs of running socks (OK, had to throw in $5 of my own).  It was also dog friendly, so Kalley was IN her first race!!  All her training paid off.  



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