How Women Can Raise Their Self-Esteem

Years ago in what seems like another life, I volunteered my time teaching classes to adults through the Head Start program which offered daycare and meals to low-income families. I enjoyed my seminars and I firmly believe that making a difference in a small way in one person's life is worth putting in some time and effort. That small difference in how a woman feels about herself can begin a domino effect of life-altering changes. My classes were on Reducing Stress and Raising Self Esteem.  If, as parents, we're in a better space, our children will immediately and directly benefit from it.

I want my children's inner voice to reflect on how I feel about them.  "I am smart.  I am unique.  I am gifted.  I am loved.  I am appreciated.  I am treasured. I am one of my Mommy's most proud accomplishments."

I'm still stunned by the utter lack of self-esteem in women as a whole.  We're all so unique.  We're all beautiful.  We all have different perspectives.  Why is it so difficult to embrace our differences, unite to help each other, and take over the world. OK...  Maybe not take it over, but at the very least enhance it.  We carry and deliver the babies.  We nurse them and nurture them.  Many of us stay at home to parent - I was a stay at home Mommy for 12 years.  Others are badass women in the workforce and have the capacity to come home and lovingly parent our children.  We teach our children compassion and empathy.  We teach them to love themselves.  How can we adequately fulfill that responsibility if we don't love ourselves?

In what now seems like another life, I had a modeling contract.  I was 20 years old with the world at my feet.  I was blessed with confidence and self-esteem despite an extremely dysfunctional childhood.  Still, in the few short months, I was with the company, with the exception of one photoshoot to get headshots, I was never drafted to do a paying photoshoot.  My breasts were too small, I was too tall, not tall enough, too thin, too heavy...  Then I found out I was pregnant with Brianna and I never once looked back and wondered "what if".  I just walked away from what "might have been" to "what will be".  I’ve never regretted NOT modeling more because, in truth, I wasn’t worried about everything I wasn’t. I was happy with what I was.

So, this is how women can raise their self-esteem. What women need to do is to learn to love who we are.  Do a private lingerie photoshoot, book a makeover by a professional artist, try a new cut and color, wear lipstick in your sweats but dedicate yourself to becoming a better you.  Feel it, represent it, and share it.  Do what you need to raise your own self-esteem.  After all, you can't pour your light onto anyone else if there's no oil in your lamp.


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