Minimalism - The Purge

It's the one year anniversary of The Purge. Time goes quickly and this year has been no exception. My take away's after a year? Life is much, much less stressful. I miss almost nothing that's gone (that one damned desk!). We can focus on what's more important than constantly cleaning and "organizing" clutter. What remains is what we love - except the couch that needs to be replaced eventually.

We know how we like to spend our time - with each other and as unstressed as possible, playing games, reading, being silly, watching shows together, eating. We know what we would like - a room for exercise equipment, a bathtub, and one more bedroom - and what we don't like - an excess of everything including space and conforming to society's image of what our home should look like. It's truly been a lifestyle reinvention and such a relief.

Minimalism takes diligence like anything else. Stuff has a way of creeping back in. Sometimes things break, or we grow out of them - not just the size of the item but the item itself. Things wear out. When we minimized, I wanted to get through each season and holiday. I allowed myself to have some time to go through things while they were actually happening (hello Christmas buckets!!) and we continued to whittle our possessions down. I've gone through the kitchen a couple of times and it could be done again. Sometimes it's easy not to notice the things that we're used to seeing as going unused so that does take effort. 

Minimizing was a huge relief in our lives. We look forward to a time when we can downsize more, but still, have what we love. I battle my closet but found a happy medium where I have considerably less and zero stress about what to wear. Planning a four day trip for work was exceptionally easy and low key. Where I used to spend time "organizing" the clutter and bins of stuff, now I spend less energy making sure we stay minimized. It's much less effort, but let me say it again - it never ends. Especially with kids. The best part? It's worth it.


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