Unexpected Inspiration

Last week I had a notification on my blog that there was a comment. I took a look and there were TWO comments from the same person, a week apart. It's interesting. My blog of 7 1/2 years that launched me into social media and I've nurtured all this time. The blog disappeared for me nearly a year ago and I was devastated. I asked a friend in IT to help, but we could not find it - like it never existed. Off and on I tried to figure it out and one day about a month ago, I did just that. I "recovered" the site and I was elated. 909 blog posts lived there. Years of me writing down pieces of my life, sharing ups and downs of kids, minimalism, running, work, etc... I'm planning on having a professional port over all the posts to this new site, so I have a record of my years and a place for anyone who wants to read, to sit down and feel at home.

The book is done almost 3 years ago!

Here are the comments from a post I wrote over 3 years ago. I was just starting to write my book. I finished writing it in 2 months and now claim the title of published author. We were only a year into our minimalism journey with 10 kids still at home. Now we're in a home half the size, ready for RV living with 2 kids at home and one more waiting to spread her wings in a year. SO much has changed, but in the end I'm still me. I'm still writing, still minimizing, still parenting, still running, still love this crazy man who loves me in return. I've had a podcast for 2 years now, I did launch that business 3 years ago also - being a Virtual Assistant. I have a new website where everything lives now. A YouTube channel that's less than a year old and I'm claiming my life even more assertively.

The Naked Podcaster

But back to the comments that got me started:

As I was re-reading this old post, I was thinking how is she able to do all that, to cope with everything? I think your life is quite amazing and you are an inspiration.
Do you blog/write somewhere else? Thank you for letting us share pieces of your life. Even if you might not have the time to blog anymore I sometimes go back to old posts for inspiration and to give me a little courage. I think your voice is really unique!
I have no idea if you still read comments on your blog but I just wanted to let you know. I hope your family is doing well and that D is recovering from his burn-out (my boyfriend had one last fall and is slowly recovering)."

"Hope you are well, I really liked your blog. Would be very nice if you continued with it. But I understand it takes time and it is very unrewarding. Maybe you could be on Instagram instead and post short and experienced base/inspirational text. I think you have a very unusual approach to life. Brave and enthusiastic. I always felt energized when I read your post. But no pressure. We all have our priorities!!!"

I DO look at every comment I receive. I treasure them and would love more. I DO have an Instagram! Please come and visit me there.

My office in the bedroom where lots of magic happens! I love it in here.

For anyone who has continued to follow me, thank you. Losing my original site for a while, changing websites, and being sporadic at writing has lost some people. For those of you who remain, it means the world to me. I'm still here, still my funny, sarcastic, politically un-correct self. Comment away and know that you mean so much to me.

Today at a race


Serene Focus May 21, 2019 09:39am
Thank you so much for responding to my comment! I am so happy you are blogging again. I had the same experience with loosing your website.
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So glad we're on the same page! Comment away and check out the blog you inspired!!
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Alexanne Stone Jun 1, 2019 08:02am
I'm new and love what you have to say. You truly are an inspiration!
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Thank you for landing here and taking the time to say hello! I appreciate you so much!
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