A Year in Review and Changes

Today I wanted to share my year in review and changes happening in my life. It's been quite a year for all of us. A tremendous amount of stress and upheaval, uncertainty, and fear. It's also been a year of change in many ways outside of this pandemic situation the world has experienced for six-ish months now. I've had a lot of behind the scenes action in my life and the world climate has a flip side that's not entirely awful.

For starters, I moved my blog to my website almost a year ago. It was an enormous help, as I no longer had to manage two separate sites, I have one back-end now (yes, that makes me giggle!), one site that can have issues, etc.. In April, my coach recommended I change my website host to porkbun, which I did, and to move my website to Simplero, which I also did. The move isn't entirely over yet (no podcasts on the podcast page, for example), but for the most part, it's been a seamless process. Simplero has been amazing at assisting a smooth transition, but still, there was this 8 1/2 year blog that I moved. 

My coach also encouraged me to go through all my blog posts, and remove any that were outdated, had broken links, etc... I had 930 posts. NINE HUNDRED AND THIRTY! Which seemed excessively daunting, I didn't want to do it, I balked and whined and complained. And then I just took the plunge. I was encouraged (by said coach) to just do 20 a day, or tackle 40, and - since one of my favorite sayings is "you can't eat an elephant in one bite", I understood and broke it down. After all, nothing was going anywhere.


Interestingly enough, my first weekend diving in, I got through 200 posts. SO many links were broken, photos missing, the content wasn't very much, etc... and it actually felt cathartic to go through them all. This was a task I couldn't have hired out, and if I had tried to hire it, I would have regretted the time I spent walking among my memories.

Not only was it a walk down memory lane, but I could also see which categories I blog less in, where I'm incredibly raw and where I am quiet and how I've changed as a writer over the years. I honed it down to 360 posts - which I never would have imagined - but those 360 are posts I loved and were worth keeping around. Deleting 558 posts would have seemed impossible and I would have mourned the loss of them, had I not gone through the process myself, and instead, I felt elated that I kept only what I did. 

Moving forward, you will see more consistent posts, more in-depth, raw posts and I will start to balance out the topics I write about. With my freelancing, The Naked Podcaster at 3 1/2 years, book 2 in the making, coaching, NLP practitioners license, homeschooling, killing my laptop, going PC, gaining weight and getting married, changes in finance, and stress, there is a lot to discuss. My favorite, though, is getting to know you!


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