Don't miss out on the workshop of a lifetime

At some point, you have likely taken a look over your shoulder at your past - at the life you've lived and the experiences you've had. 

Many of us have taken this look with trepidation, or with the help of a therapist or friend and we've seen times of struggle, or heartache.

This workshop is nothing like that! We will take a look back in a unique way at your story and find the silver linings, come up with a plan of gratitude and execute it! 

Our goal in this workshop is to get you well on your way to filling yourself with gratitude and joy at the life you've lived. You'll have the skills to follow up on how to complete the journey and the life-changing ability to alter the lens in which you look at the same situations.

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Jenn Taylor

“This woman is as true to the heart of issues as I’ve ever known! Her spunk to tell it like it is is a refreshing mind-opening experience. She will make you laugh, bring tears yet with a wonderful ability to open your eyes and give insight into life like no other. She is smart, extremely intelligent, enjoyable and easy to be around.”