“Be somebody that makes everybody feel like somebody.”
- Kid President

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I'm a Woman, a Mom, a Partner, a Friend. I've struggled with my own story and built a toolbox and unique skillset from the Journey my life has taken. In the struggle there was always a silver lining, in the trials and moments I didn't think I could carry the load, a light at the end of the tunnel. I've been blessed with amazing friends and a support system I can't imagine living without. I built a life I love from the ashes of what I thought was failure. I curated what I learned to pass it on to others. 


18 children have blessed my life. That’s not a typo – Eighteen. I went through infertility, seven pregnancies (which contradicts infertility, I suppose), and have 12 years of foster parenting under my belt, plus a few more working at a non-profit with foster kids.

I've been a stay-at-home Mom, homeschooling and making baby food from scratch, a Mom working in the corporate world and an Entrepreneurial Mom. I’ve been divorced, and a single mom and I've also experienced life with a blended family.

In the end, I was blessed to end up with kids from everywhere. More than “Yours, Mine and Ours” – an amalgam of foster children who aged out, adopted children, step children, biological children and even a foreign exchange student.

It. Is. Awesome. And hard. But worth it.


I’ve been active in many ways, but the one thing that was always a part of my life off and on since college was running. Inexpensive, portable and done in any weather, running not only keeps me in good physical shape, it gives me a chance for my head to clear. Running is a place where I can be the diva that I am, while at the same time it’s perfectly natural to snot rocket, pee outside, sweat profusely and swear. I’ve allowed my kids to map out routes driven by their buses. I’m not afraid to get lost. I’m strong. I’m confident. I have instilled in my children the value of staying healthy and active. Running is a time to think, problem solve and plan, but mostly it’s time for me.

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We've learned that less is more…. We embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Keeping up with the Jones’ doesn’t exist for us. We now have a clutter free, smaller home – which has been an enlightening journey. Our lifestyle continues to create an environment with less stress, less spending, less stuff and better relationships and adventures. Having strong family ties, being healthy and building memories are some of the things that are most important to us. The kids have grown up fast, we’re happy to enjoy the journey.


This website took things I love – raising powerful humans, being a partner and healthy lifestyle enthusiast, podcasting, writing, speaking, coaching, and a desire to give back, and has created many beautiful stories. That is blissful. Join the journey to living life to the fullest!

Enough about me. Get in touch so I can learn about you.



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