Every coach needs a coach and I was blessed to have many of them! When a guest on my podcast asked if I wanted a coaching session, I was ecstatic, but I wanted it to be part of my podcast. Since we had already discussed his struggle and how that launched his business, I decided that the coaching series would show him actually being a coach. Yes, I do get an hour or so of free coaching from each guest. In turn, they get a raw, authentic, genuine coaching client that "bares it all". I don't sign a confidentiality agreement, so these guests can use the interviews in any manner they wish. The listener gets to see coaching live and in person so you can decide more easily if the coach or therapist is a good fit for you. Also, although the session is about an issue I'm having, much of the information you can use for yourself. These are amazing. And really, really hard. But worth it. 



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