The Naked Podcaster is unconventional, gritty, explicit and raw. My guests cry sometimes but they are willing to share and for that, I am incredibly, overwhelmingly grateful. It's edgy, vulnerable, fun, upbeat and I adore giving my guests the opportunity for shameless self-promotion. I don't think we talk about ourselves in a positive, badass way nearly enough.  

How can I be Mom of 18 AND The Naked Podcaster? I bare it all physically and my guests bare it all emotionally. The story began a few years ago…. 

In 2015, three of my kids came forward and reported physical abuse. I grew up with dysfunction and abuse, had 18 kids and did foster care for 15 years so that my kids wouldn't have to experience abuse. That is called a cruel irony. It would be wonderful to say that was the extent of dysfunction the range my 18 kids have suffered, but that would be a lie. For many of them, they have experienced physical, sexual and emotional abuse from their relationship choices, bullying, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide attempts, cutting, etc. Not things a Mom wants to watch her kids experience.

In 2016 I wrote my book about my story of dysfunction growing up. I wanted to be an example to my kids and for them to know they weren't alone in their struggle, even if the "issue" is different. I also wanted them to be unafraid of sharing their story, getting help and building a support team and tools. 

In 2017 9-months after the book release, the podcast was launched and my goal was to share OTHER people's stories of struggle and what was part of the toolbox they built to get through their trials.  

Jenn Chair Naked

 With ALL THREE situations, I was determined, deliberate, focused and driven. My desire is to help other people in their struggle - to make it faster, easier and more supported - for my listeners and sometimes even for my guests. Most definitely for my kids. 

So far, one of my daughters has been on my show. It was the first time I cried on the podcast because she described her suicide attempts and what saved her - which I wasn't aware of. If I didn’t know that story, they have other stories I don’t know about. Struggling alone is agonizing.

I want my kids - most who are adults now - to embrace their story, be unashamed, to heal and to flourish. To embrace confidence and high self-esteem. To grow into the best humans they can be. And that's what I want for my guests and my listeners as well. My goal is to hold space and create a safe place for stories to be shared, and for all of us to lean into who we are.

From the original podcast series, 3 additional sub-categories have been released. 'Stripping with my daughter, Alana', 'The Coaching Series', and 'Compounding Joy'.

I hope you love all of them as much as I do.

Thank you to my kids for showing me how to stand up and be more than I ever imagined I could be.

Thank you for my guests for your willingness to Bare It All with me. 

Thank you to my listeners for giving me the opportunity to share stories that are heard. My guest’s desire - and my own - is that their story and the tools they've gathered will help you. 

We are stronger together.