Hebrews 4:13 

"And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account."

“At A Crossroads with The Naked Podcaster - Baring it all Emotionally and Spiritually” is for people of Faith who want to develop more self-confidence, courage, and self-esteem. It's unconventional, gritty, explicit, raw, edgy, vulnerable, and is a representation of baring it all emotionally and spiritually. Being raw and vulnerable through storytelling and the freedom that’s gained through sharing. 

It is time for YOU to break the chains of the lies we tell ourselves and the negative self-talk that has been holding us back. NOW is the time to start exploring the hidden potential of your confidence and beauty both inside and out! 


Once upon a time - maybe earlier today - you daydreamed about what your life would be like. 

You were filled with optimism, excitement, and knowing that you are armed with unique enormous talent, wisdom, and intellect for which you hold with love from your creator.

Perhaps you made brave attempts to use your God-given gifts and now you feel like you have gotten it wrong over and over again. At times you feel like the warrior you are; at other times, you feel defeated or retreat with uncertainty and lack of confidence. Invincible and confident as a child and now overwhelmed and uncertain

Life continues to change leaving you questioning what you really want anymore

Your beautiful, authentic talent-rich soul aches to break free and shine, but perhaps you are skeptical or afraid to let her out in fear you may fail.

You crave connection, collaboration, and deep storytelling, which enables us to learn, find purpose and grow.

I UNDERSTAND… I’ve been there before. I have always considered myself a Christian, however, I have struggled with my faith lining up with my decisions. 

  • I’ve been divorced more than once and I struggled with the desire to stay through thick and thin, following scripture references, and my heart telling me to leave and how that related to the baggage I carried with me from childhood.
  • I left a church after 17-years and that battle was emotionally draining and heart-wrenching. As a result, I lost all the support that I had and was left feeling lost and alone and also tremendously relieved. 
  • In my divorce(s), I struggled with figuring out who the real me was, reclaiming my identity, not losing it while parenting, balancing work, kids, and self-care, and not losing my sanity.
  • All the issues that come up in parenting were at times overwhelming, I realized none of us know what we’re doing, and I was determined to give 100% every day in every situation. Some days that looked like I was crushing it, other days it looked like a fraction.
  • In my search to find a new church that I was comfortable in (and the struggle to determine what I was looking for), I had “analysis paralysis” and did nothing. During the times when I did find somewhere to go, it was confusing and created conflict with my kids, so I stopped going. That is one thing I regret.
  • In many ways I am very raw and always authentically myself, however, I thought that being an example in my faith was enough, which I now see as being passive and that was something I felt a burning desire to change. 
  • I learned to not only embrace all the parts and pieces of who I am, I also learned to face any fears and move forward in confidence.

I am thankful for all that I have been through and I am blessed to share with you my journey of life's crossroads. You are not alone.

At A Crossroads with The Naked Podcaster is for people of Faith who know that there is more to life and that our true authentic souls are built for greatness. You are built with strength and love that is meant to shine through in times of conflict and times of celebration, and you are ready to get to work and live your true purpose.  

How can I be Mom of 18 AND The Naked Podcaster? The story began a few years ago…. 

In 2015 -- My kids came forward and shared with me their stories of abuse. I grew up with dysfunction and abuse, had 18 kids and did foster care for 15 years with the hope that my kids wouldn't have to experience abuse. That is called a cruel irony. Many of them have experienced physical, sexual and emotional abuse from their relationship choices, bullying, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide attempts, cutting, etc. Not things a Mom wants to watch her kids experience.

August 2016 -- I wrote my book about my story of dysfunction growing up. I wanted to be an example to my kids and for them to know they weren't alone in their struggle, even if the "issue" is different. I also wanted them to be unafraid of sharing their story, getting help and building a support team and tools. 

May 2017 -- 9-months after the book release, the podcast was launched and my goal was to share OTHER people's stories of struggle and what was part of the toolbox they built to get through their trials -using the same format I used for my book.  

With ALL THREE situations, I was determined, deliberate, focused and driven. My desire is to help other people in their struggles - to make it faster, easier and more supported - for my listeners, and sometimes even for my guests. Most definitely for my kids. 

So far, three of my daughters have been on my show. The first time I cried on the podcast was because one daughter described her suicide attempts and what saved her, and I wasn't aware of the full story. If I didn’t know that story, they have other stories I don’t know about. Struggling alone is agonizing.

I want my kids - most who are adults now - to embrace their stories, be unashamed, to heal and to flourish. To embrace confidence and high self-esteem. To grow into the best humans they can be. And that's what I want for my guests and my listeners as well. My goal is to hold space and create a safe place for stories to be shared, and for all of us to lean into who we are.

I hope you love all of these stories as much as I do.

Thank you to my kids for showing me how to stand up and be more than I ever imagined I could be.

Thank you for my guests for your willingness to Bare It All with me. 

Thank you to my listeners for giving me the opportunity to share stories that are heard. My guest’s desire - and my own - is that their stories and the tools they've gathered will help you. 

We are stronger together!

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  • Jenn Taylor

    “I worked with Jenn through her podcast; I was guest on the Naked Podcaster in 2019. It was a blast: Jenn is curious, energetic, compassionate and considerate, making the personal experience a fun one and the podcast a really interesting one. Jenn cares a lot about the people she works with her and spends so much time creating work that can inspire and help others; it's what she's driven to do, and she's really good at it. ”

    Life & Confidence Coach @

  • Jenn Taylor

    “What an exceptional opportunity to be a guest on your Podcast, to be heard with non-judgment. I admit that I wept afterward-with gratitude and with a certain shedding shame quality-like I had never so openly shared some of those stories with anyone other than a therapist or closest friends. There’s something profound about breaking the silence without relieving the experiences (though there’s that memory file that doesn’t ever actually leave the psyche-it’s just that you get better about sharing it like you’d tell someone what you wore to school in third grade-it doesn’t have all the emotional charge around it.)

    I finished reading, I Thought it Was Just Me (but it isn’t) by Dr. Brene Brown and found it to be very empowering, insightful and made me think of our time together.

    Your deep listening and willingness to open the door to the “real” backstories that birthed this passion for holistic transformation is such a bold, courageous place to go with people. To have a complete stranger feel safe enough to go there! The permission and compassion you hold!! Wow. Simply Wow!

    THANK YOU!!!

    With heartfelt gratitude,”

  • Jenn Taylor

    “I didn't know what to expect when I went on The Naked Podcaster. What I got was anything but expected. My interactions with Jenn Taylor were candid, enlightening, funny, and entertaining. As a writer, I have always known where I come from, but I have never spoken about it. With Jenn Taylor, it came much easier than I would have thought. Great podcast, great interviewer, professional and emphatic, Jenn Taylor does her homework before the show, and that shone through.

    High recommend!”

  • Jenn Taylor

    Fun to listen!
    I found the podcast by chance, and I am thankful I did. I enjoy the rawness in the conversations. There is an uplifting element to what I have heard so far, and I look forward to listening to more episodes! Keep up the great conversations!!”

  • Jenn Taylor

    This is the podcast for you...
    If you want to hear honest, relatable and open conversations.

    The host, Jenn, is warm, funny and her guests interviews are engaging and interesting covering the good and not-so good aspects of our amazing lives!”

  • Jenn Taylor

    One of My Favorite Podcast Hosts of 2019 & Beyond
    Jenn is a fun, funny and entertaining host that draws out the best from all of her guests. She knows how to get her guests to "strip" and bare stories they may not normally share with others. If you want to be on a roller coaster ride of emotions through great conversations, check out and subscribe to this podcast.”

  • Jenn Taylor

    Open, Honest + RAW!
    Jenn is a brilliant host as she helps guests open wide and share their stories to help us all feel less alone. Her guests are fascinating human beings and Jenn brings out the best in them!”

  • Jenn Taylor

    So smart and funny
    Jennifer is a great interviewer and can somehow make every guest relevant to your life. I understand the symbolism behind being naked, but you can’t see anything and you forget it’s happening in a hurry once you end up in listening to one of these conversations.”

  • Jenn Taylor

    I love Jenn Taylor!
    Jenn Taylor has my vote for the most awesome interviewer! I love her style, her boldness, and her ability to get down and dirty with the truth for the sole purpose of helping others. Thanks, Jenn, for having me on your podcast and I hope to do it again soon!”

  • Jenn Taylor

    Awesome interview
    I have been interviewed many times but Jenn was different. It was easy to share my story with her and she asked some great questions that showed how she was really listening and actually cared about what I was sharing. A real, authentic and genuine person whose podcasts I can highly recommend.”

  • Jenn Taylor

    Let’s All Get Naked!
    My little chat with Jenn was SO much fun and SO easy (even when covering the hard topics, like she does). This woman has an energy and an open-armed acceptance that feels so much like chatting with a friend. Doesn’t surprise me that nothing surprises her when pulling out all the stops, but I would be a guest on her show again in a heartbeat and can’t wait to listen to our episode. Plus anyone who laughs at my self-deprecating jokes gets an A+!

    Keeping baring the truth (and everything else), Jenn! We need what you’re doing!”

  • Jenn Taylor

    Jenn is the real deal!
    One of my highest values is authenticity, and Jenn embodies that to the nth degree! Her willingness and vulnerability to not only bare it all, but to express deep interest and care into the lives of others is refreshing and inspiring :)”

  • Jenn Taylor

    Real, Raw and Restorative
    This podcast brings real life personal struggles and the way through them into view so listeners can relate and identify within their own life story. A beautiful way to bring tribute to the stories of lives lived and the journey of finding personal treasures within the stories that become cornerstones for us all.”

  • Jenn Taylor

    Absolutely a show you need to hear!
    There was something different about this show that stood out to me compared to the 200 other interviews that I have done this year. It wasn’t the obvious thing😉. If I had to pilot it into words I would say that there was an understanding/empathy that radiated from Jenn during the interview. I really appreciated that and it made me feel at ease and allowed me to open up and dig deep into my stories.
    Highly recommend that you listen to this podcast!”

  • Jenn Taylor

    Jenn is an incredible host! A brilliant presence who pulls the deep and gritty to the surface and celebrates the mess and magic of life!

    What a host!!! What a show!!! Bare, honest, riveting, and kind. This is a gift of a show to listeners wanting real connection.”

  • Jenn Taylor

    “Loved being on Jenn's show, the Naked Podcaster. The conversation was deep, different, fun and vulnerable and most of all unpredictable. It is evident she cares about creating a space for amplifying and honoring leaders. The best compliment I can give Jenn is I want her in my DOSE of HOPE series because of her spirit and commitment to inspire and provide value for those looking for light and truth. ”